New Library2Go Website Design

I am the kind of person who hates when they change website designs, sometimes they are for the better and I just need to get used to it, although I will grumble about it the entire time. So when they changed the Library2Go site I wasn’t sure what to think, however I have now looked around the new site and have to say I love the changes! They have made it much more user friendly; the one update I am loving is the ease of adding books to your wishlist you just click the little ribbon and it is added, so easy! Also removing books from wishlist is infinitely better, before you had to click remove then it would refresh the page and you would have to scroll to find where on your list you were, now you click on the ribbon, click yes remove from wishlist and you are still right where you were on the page so much better and more user friendly than it was before.


I also like the new search interface it gives you many more options in searching, when you click on the menu button you will see all your format options, click your format, then you have many options for searching by, subject, format, publisher and ratings just to name a few. I myself enjoy the ratings tab you can search only for books that are 5 star and see what books have low ratings to see if you agree.


The your account tab is much better now too you don’t have to page back everytime you click on different landings the other options are still available on the side bar which is very easy to use with larger fonts and is much more user friendly than it was before.


All in all I myself am very happy with the updates to the Library2Go website and I hope you will all go and play around with it and let me know what you think.

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